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Travel - I love to do it.

I have always liked to travel, although when I was young the most travel I did was between Virginia and Alabama on the train. That was fun for a young boy, though. I really didn't do any real travel until I graduated high school and joined the Navy. Besides the stateside assignments, I got to spend 10 months in Sicily. After getting out of the Navy and getting my degree, my wife and I spent a lot of time traveling in the states (bc - before children). We have gone on camping trips out west (Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, South Texas, etc.), all across Ontario, Point Pelee, up and down the east coast, and all over Florida. When I joined the Navy Reserve, she went with me once to Naples, Italy, and London. I have been to Naples many, many times with the Navy. I never tire of it. I have also gone to Hawaii three times for duty, as well as Bahrain, Singapore and several trips to the west coast (primarily San Diego and the Seattle area. Several years ago my wife and I, along with our son and daughter, flew into Boston, rented a car, and drove up into the maritime provinces of Canada. Great time. One day my wife and I hope to fly into Halifax and spend some time in Cape Breton Island. Now that I have retired from the Navy, I won't be traveling as much as before...

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